Data submission


The app to collect data (ODK Collect)

(updated 20191105)

The data collection is easiest to collect via the app ODK Collect. But it is also possible to record the data on paper and submit the data later via a computer (but it will be a bit more time consuming).

To download the app to your Android device click here. 

Please find instructions here on how to install and use ODK Collect here: How to install and use ODK Collect 20190208

Manual Data Submission Forms

The forms below can be used to submit data manually through an excel file, if the team is not able to collect and submit using the ODK Collect app. When using the forms please follow the instructions, and email to when complete.

IPSN Location Survey in Google Forms

IPSN Location Survey Submission form

IPSN habitat mapping survey submission form

IPSN ecological survey large invertebrates submission form

IPSN ecological survey seagrass + small invertebrates submission form

IPSN gleaning survey submission form